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Making a difference in the financial wellness of our customers fuels our passion for developing innovative offerings. Our products provide solutions to a wide range of borrowing needs. We make the path to car ownership a reality.

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AutoCapital Canada is a national auto finance company that offers competitive non-prime interest rates and dealer reserves. We have multiple program features that benefit current or previously insolvent customers, self-employed customers, and customers who have had difficulty getting financing on their own.

Path to Independence
We all need a little support from time to time to get back on our feet. AutoCapital Canada has designed a program for clients who are currently unable to qualify for an auto loan on their own. This program allows clients to leverage the assistance of a family member co-signor without the need for a long term commitment. After 18 months of repayment* AutoCapital Canada is willing to fully release the co-signer from their obligation which allows the client to regain their financial independence. (*Terms and Conditions Apply)

Path for Entrepreneurs
This program is designed with flexibility in mind to support the needs of self-employed clients. Our income verification process considers that some self-employed borrowers may not fit into the conventional income verification process. We allow the option of submitting income documents that fall into one of the three categories: Full Doc, Alternative Doc, and Lite Doc.

Path for Returning Customers
We value the relationship that we build with our clients over the life of their loan and believe in rewarding our clients for their loyalty. This program benefits well paying customers of 12 months or longer by offering rates that are lower than standard AutoCapital Canada rates. Additionally, the income verification and funding process is quicker and easier.
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Whether it’s going to work, dropping the kids at school, or simply getting from A to B, AutoCapital Canada helps people get where they need to be with a variety of programs that fit each person’s needs. Ultimately we’re committed to you being on the Path to Prime ®.

Path to Independence
If you’re new to credit or have hit a couple of bumps in the road along the way, it can be difficult to get the financing you need on your own. AutoCapital Canada offers the Path to Independence program for this reason. You can leverage the support of a family member to get you back on the right path without locking them into a long-term commitment. After a period of time, they will be released from their co-signing commitment and you will be well along on the path to regaining your financial independence.

Path for Entrepreneurs
As a self-employed applicant we recognize that you may need the support of a lender that understands the need for flexibility during the income verification process and we have designed a program to support your needs. Our income verification process considers that some self-employed borrowers may not fit into the conventional income verification process and we provide three alternatives to validate your ability to afford a new auto loan.

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We value the relationships we have with our partners.

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AutoCapital Canada is a national auto finance company that works with dealer partners across Canada to help clients finance the purchase of new and used vehicles. Our flexible lending programs are designed to serve customers whose specific auto loan needs are not met by many traditional financial institutions. We are focused on providing exceptional service by understanding and adapting to the changing needs of our dealer partners and clients. Our team is passionate about providing innovative solutions to many unique borrowing needs.


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